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Saturday, 7 December 2019


It's official Boris Johnson is not only a liar, but also a criminal with his unlawful attempt to silence democracy by shutting down parliament. He needs to go.

Mind your language. All this telling people, even Boris what they can or can't say is a disturbing turn in our fragile democracy, what about free speech.

War like language. Words like surrender, betrayal everything is a battle.
With a bully driving s bulldozer ploughing through or democracy and freedoms.

Bullshit Bollocks Yes inflammatory language by our leaders can influence the populus, but should we allow free speech to be sacrificed at the alter of.....

The example of murdered MP Jo Cox is used as just how far it can go

Don't be fooled....we are heading towards a totalitarian fascist state where we will be told what we can or cannot say, and we will have asked for it unless we stand up to their attempts to silence people. Boris Johnson is a lieing cunt, but let him use what language he wants, because the more he says the more of a cunt he becomes.

The scary thing is that according to 'opinion polls' since the propagation of parliament ruling his popularity has risen, that's if you believe the polls.

Get Brexit done says Boris then everything will calm down and everyone will be happy, and unicorns will be grazing in fields of candy floss.

Bullying language used by Boris, is breeding hatred and division

It's a shame David Cameron didn't spend as much time thinking about the referendum when he called for it, as he does now. If he had, we might not be in this mess now, he must have been on drugs when he thought it was a good idea to ask the people. WHAT A C**T!

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