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Sunday, 26 April 2020


Following on from last years album come 4 new tracks from Alvin Gibbs and The Disobedient Servants. The History EP is spread over two seven inch singles housed in a gate fold cover and released by Time and Matter Recordings. No guest list for these tracks, just Alvin, Leigh and Jamie kicking up a mighty row between the three of 'em. 'Bad About You' chugs and chops along, while 'History' is a haunting anthem that builds and builds before it blows! epic, enthralling and explosive. 'If Only' is short and sweet like the Ramones on ritalin. 'Pavlovian' with its screaming and stabbing guitars, pounding drums and thumping bass knocks to the floor and leaves you wanting more. These four tunes are Hard, Heavy and Hook laden Rock'n'Roll of the Highest order! The History EP is out on 30th June, its limited to 500 numbered copies and available to pre order now from Time and Matter Recordings.
Not content with providing UK Subs related music Time and Matter have branched out into the written word, through it’s new venture Tome and Metre Publishing. The first book: Diminished Responsibility Volume One (of Two), Alvin Gibb's Memoirs, ‘My Life as a UK Sub and other strange stories' is set to hit the printers very soon; 18 Chapters, 108,000 words and unpublished photos from Alvin’s archive. If you wanna be a part of it all, for the princely sum of Five British pounds you can have your name printed in the credits. Details from: www.timeandmatterrecordings.bigcartel.com 

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