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Thursday, 21 May 2020


I posted something along while back about Bill Gates, his interest in eugenics and his vacination programs in Africa. The point I was making was what were the population of Africa being dosed up on and why? Well amid the Coronavirus/Covid 19 Crisis, I have joined the dots, put my tin foil hat on and have come to the conclusion, that as Africa has a low rate of deaths from Covid 19 in comparison with the rest of the world despite the continent having poorer infrastructures such as Health Care and lower overcrowded living standards, you would think that deaths from Covid 19 would be higher. It isn't, because....Bill Gates has vaccinated the African people against Coronavirus. He may well have played a part in the whole pandemic, creating a demand for the vaccine, but that's someone else’s conspiracy. Watch this space in regards to the ‘discovery of the vaccine’ and see what role Bill Gates and his institutions/corporations play in it and what he stands to gain....Microsoft already run and control the virtual world, why not the actual one, with Bill Gates as its Lizard Leader?

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