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Thursday, 11 January 2007

I ain't gonna go on about the hugh influence The Clash have had on me throughout my life, or that they're the best rock'n'roll group ever, or that they're still the only band that matter, and I take no credit for compiling this collection of 4 classic Clash tracks (that's down to Inder on the clash forum. I did the cover mind you.) These tracks are taken from a gig recorded live in Italy on their 1984 Back To Basics tour. No more Mick or Topper, but an extra fueled up and fired'n'wired Joe Strummer. During his time in Milan Joe was going through some bad times and spent three days drinking. This 'meltdown' comes out in the performance, especially on these 4 tracks. It's "White hot, fast,edgy, paranoid and very turbulent." So says Inder. If yer into The Clash, take a trip to the forum and see how The Clash still inspire, unite and bring folks together even though its been 20 years; since they called it a day, plus there's loads of excellent live stuff up for grabs. The links over to your left in the Check out These List.
THE CLASH - Milan, Italy, Feb 1984 : 1)Janie Jones 2)Tommy Gun 3)Garageland 4)White Riot


Anonymous said...

Is This Gwen?

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Is who Gwen ?

b said...

great post! i'm excited to hear this after your description. i haven't heard many recordings from this time period, so i'm especially interested in how this will sound. thank you :)

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

No probs Sickb(oy)!