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Saturday, 20 January 2007

Sadham hangs, in a macabre show for all to see. Western values mean nothing anymore. Tyburn T.V. Celebrity Big Brutha.....Jade Goody; hang the foulmouthed, ignorant, racist scum, and those other two faceless non-entities. Shame on you others for sitting around doing and saying nothing. This is a mirror to national attitudes. This is the society that has been created by valuing the vacuous celebrity and their culture. It's about time these so called celebs got shown up for the trash that they really are. They are not deserving of the attention they receive or the ridiculous amounts of money they supposedly 'earn', for doing what ? Singing shit songs and going out with footballers. These are the c**t's of celebrity and they are gonna fuck our kids if we let 'em become their role models. It's all so vacuous, fake and phony, style over substance. I blame the Spice Girls, with their girl power take on women's liberation. Did Emmeline Pankhurst chain herself to the railings for this ? These people shape our world. Jade Goody, 25th most influential person, in a world where the only aspirations some kids have is to be famous, without having to do anything, other than be paid a small fortune for being players in the capitalist game with the media and the state, and the proles as passive observers. It is the excesses of Western celebrity culture that fuels the fires of terrorism along with Bush and Blair's continued involvement in Iraqi and Afghanistan.


Anonymous said...

Preach on! But this cult of personality I think dates back a few decades, its hardly new, just more visable due to current technology. I'm doing my part. I have a 6yr old girl that doesn't have the slightest clue who the Spice Girls are. And she can sing along word for word with the Ramones Beat on the Brat.

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Cheers Anon. Totaly agree, the technological revolution, as with any revolution has brought good as well as bad, and all we can do is play our part in educating the future generation.

Keep on Keeping On!