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Thursday, 24 January 2008

Shine On - A Compilation

First up is this rather fine cassette compilation of all things ‘anarcho’, ‘punk’ and independent from the early 80’s, this was put together by a guy called Paul who produced a fanzine called Heaven and Hell, he then issued this tape. It’s a jam packed C90’s worth of live and studio recordings of the following bands: Paramedic Squad, Polemic, The Apostles, Black Mass, Chumbawumba, The Infected, Tender Loving Care, No Defence, The Astronauts, Political Asylum, Nightmare and The Xpozez. Two tracks from each band and some rather 'nice' cut up speech/sounds between each track, gives a great aural artefact of the era of Protest and Survive and Do It Yourself, so what are ya waiting for, duck, cover and click!


CooperTrooper said...

Hi...great blog!
Been trying to track down 4 albums by Carbon/Silicon....and I've been told " you Da Man"!
They are...
The Homecoming
The Grand Delusion
Dope Factory Boogie
Sample This - Peace.

Keep this up - it's great!

irishdave said...

Cheers for this Nuzz

Punkzer0 said...

Hey Nuzz - excellent posting - very interesting

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

cheers chaps, sorry coopertrooper, I aint got 'em, have some live stuff if yer interested.

zenpunk said...

great blast from the past nuzz.
not sure if the old memory is getting confused but sure i remember seeing an 'anarcho' type band called 'mass of black' at oddies tower club in oldham , lancs .
maybe it was in fact 'black mass'?.
Have you ever heard of a band called 'mass of black'?
never heard of any releases by them though.maybe you know?
hope all is well in the 'free world'