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Sunday, 29 September 2013


Trust management....I wouldn't trust the management to run a bath, never mind a hospital. I did read recently that the problems with the NHS aren't down to bad management, but due to staff shortages?!?!?! Surely that is bad management because isn't it down to managers to work out and manage the human resources, and if the services are suffering due to a lack of staff then it's down to them to manage the recruitment and retention of staff. If the budgets restrain and dictate staffing levels then surely management have been misusing our money. Problems within all areas of the public sector are down to bad management. If these managers worked in the private sector, they wouldn't last a week because their incompetence and lack of foresight would effect company profits and the shareholders would not be happy. In the public sector, it is the public that are the shareholders, and they need to know the truth is not the glossed over version which is presented by the NHS's public and media relations departments.

I heard talk on the Radio (LBC 97.3fm) this morning about whether we need Trade Unions.???? YES we do need unions, but NO we don't need unions that are prepared to compromise their members rights for their own ends, which are usually financial. Trade Union leaders are well paid and well off in comparison to those they purport represent. How can someone with a well off lifestyle possibly be in touch with someone that has to work a month to earn what they do in a week. The exception would be managers that are union members, as many of these are overpaid for the jobs they do or more than often don't do. The reality is that the unions are in bed with the management and so far up each others arses that it's the workers that get fucked.
If anything we need stronger Unions more so than at any other time in recent history, what with the Government trying to take away workers rights with changes in employment law that makes it easier to dismiss a worker if they aren't performing. I wonder if this also applies to managers? I doubt it, unless they have a lovers tiff with the unions

Someone needs to take a stand for those at the bottom, who keep those at the top in their positions of power, or have the workers been brainwashed and bought off by nice end of salary pensions that they are happy to spend their lives on their knees waiting to retire? It would appear that this might be the case, as Trade Union membership has declined over the years since the 1970's and the recent protests have all been about keeping hands off pensions, not about the working conditions and practises which are often the cause of poor delivery of services to the public.

I can see a divide developing, or should I say being created between workers in the Public Sector and Private Sector over pay, pensions and job security. Jobs in the public sector are seen as jobs for life, which is another thing wrong with the NHS and Local Councils, many workers have been there for years and years and have developed working practises and cultures over the past that are not in keeping with the present, so you get both managers and their staff going through the motions and keeping silent about bad practices through fear of losing their job. In a world where the individual rules, the powers that we let be can target and pick off smaller groups easier than they could one big union of people. The Trade Union power was reduced after Maggie Thatcher destroyed the Miners during the strikes in the 80's, then under New Labour's champaign socialist reign union leaders got fat on the profits of power and layer upon layer of middle management positions were created to reward workers ready to compromise their socialist values for, any short fall could be filled by young graduates schooled under the conservative value of competition being the only way to deliver goods and services to a self preservation I'm alright Jack society.

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