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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

ZOUNDS - Live @ WFMU Terre T's Cherry Blossom Clinic 22/10/11

Zounds were lumped into the early 1980's Anarcho-Punk scene, but came from a different more Rock'n'Roll musical place than the likes of Crass and Conflict but the politics came from a similar place. The fact that these songs sound as fresh, exciting and relevant as they did over thirty years ago says as much about Steve Lakes song writing as it does about the society and the world that we are living in today hasn't changed in that time and in most respects has got worse. Everyone is looking for a little bit more, or want some demystification as to what is going on, and there is just more trouble coming everyday. We need to hit them where it hurts, subvert, and a change has got to come before to long. I can't recommend this here download highly enough. Five great songs and an interview with a rather embarrassed Steve Lake and the rather OTT presenter Terre.T. Listening to her almost pleading the band to play one of her favourite ever songs Can't Cheat Karma almost brought a tear to my eye and took me back to 1980 and the Leys Youth Club in Letchworth when I first saw Zounds and they blew me away. Their first album The Curse of Zounds is a desert island disc of mine. Their latest album The Redemption of Zounds is also a rather fine Rock'n'Rolling affair that says something. Who said music and politics don't mix.!   


Unknown said...

One of my favourite UK bands and they still great. Listen for example to the new single, they still sound fresh and with their texts they still hit exactly the point. The recordings are fantastic, only classics, pity there are only five songs in it.
Cool post, thanks WolF

Anonymous said...

WildDevilMan Said It All,Great Post !
Now,I Beg For A Request Of Nikki Sudden's Red Brocade Album.
I Can't Find It Anywhere I Search So I Thought Of You Nuzz.

Harry The Inglorious Basterd said...

I saw Zounds back in the Crass days and thought Curse Of was far better than anything Crass did, intelligent - witty - thought provoking, anyway one time I saw them for some strange reason I kept badgering Steve for his tie, I'm sure I was drunk and speeding off my nut but I remember it being a good gig