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Tuesday, 31 July 2007

The other dark beast of 80's Britain that wasn't called Thatcher.

Had intended to post this head to head with the Biting Back compilation last week, but ran out of time, so here ya go, a few days late. This may not be to all of yer liking as 'Goth' was a bit of a niche market and an often ridiculed subculture, too dark and gloomy. I can take it or leave it, wouldn't sacrifice my life to it, but did cross paths with the beast; saw many of these bands live and lived to tell the tale. This compilation packages the whole 'goth genre' into an easily accessible CD, and well worth downloading for the pre Spear of Destiny version of Black Madonna by THEARTRE OF HATE, and also tracks like Propaganda - PLAYDEAD, Pagan Love Song -VIRGIN PRUNES and Testament - UK DECAY, also included in this dark doom fest are: SOUTHERN DEATH CULT, SEX GANG CHILDREN, plus loads of others. Anyway take a trip to your darkside by clicking here.


Pogel said...

When did the term Goth start? I like lots of these bands like Virgin Prunes, Theatre of Hate and never heard the term until fairly recently when I saw little girls walking around with too much eye liner and ripped fishnets.

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

From my recollections, term first used to describe UK Decay, in early 80's Batcave club opened in 1982 and the rest is history. Yeah the term is used to describe any yoof who wear black and make up, but the music aint the same, cos todays goths seem to listen to a lot of stuff that is just plain old rock/heavy metal. I dunno perhapes I'm getting old but the youth cultures of today aint what they used to be. I have heard 'chavs', or 'casuals' as they used to be called referring to 'goths' as 'grebos', which got me a bit confused, cos when I was a kid grebos had motorbikes, not make up. Cheers Pogel.

xhol desert said...

I've recently got back into listening to UK Decay. I first heard them on John Peel's show back in the early 80s.

Which reminds me, I heard a song back then which had a cool sounding sax intro, before giving way a gothic/post punk guitar riff (sounding similar to 'White Rabbit' and a girl singer (similar to Lydia Lunch) singing about sweat dripping down the walls. Fantastic song that still echoes in my brain, but I guess I will never find! Someone must recognise the song from that description?

Sorry, didn't mean to rave. Thanks, I always enjoy blog.