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Saturday, 14 July 2007

"I aint a boy, I am a bomb and I've been searching for the switches just to turn myself on."

This band were the sound of the new millennium, The Time Was Then, except not many people were listening....the deaf, dumb bastards would rather have listened to Coldplay, whom Terris did a co-headline tour with. This is their debut 4 track CD released on Rough Trade, and a corking one it is too. These guys were intense, emotive and angry with lyrics of great depth, feeling and intelligence. Musically they took the 'Britpop' template and stuck it in a cement mixer with half a yard of sand and a couple of house bricks and produced a unique sound and style, that was a bit much for the mindless masses. Their debut album Learning To Let Go is a lost classic that was destined for the bargain bins, if you come across a copy I urge you to buy it, although I may well post it at a latter date, along with the rest of their singles, but until then click here and see what yer may have missed. I'm aware that some of the bands I've been posting may be new to people, but I would recommend giving 'em a go. If you find I've been talking shit and have a bad taste in music delete 'em from yer hard drive, it's cost yer nowt. Just before I go, I feel I should mention that these last few musical posts have partly been inspired by John 'he's here then he's gone again' Liedown over at the excellent Punks On Postcards who posted another great 90's band; Novocaine, which triggered me to post 60ft Dolls, and when going through my CD's I thought fuck it lets post a few more bits of pre millennium music. Well there you have it. Enjoy or Destroy.


John Liedown said...

Joe Calzaghe & Terris the only good things to ever come out of Newbridge. Oh and one of GLC (probably)

Unknown said...

It was back in 1999 (or it was 2000?) when I saw them live in Roadhouse, Manchester. I still remember the feverish performance of their singer, who reminded me very much of Ian Curtis.

John Liedown said...

Yeah he had the old St. Vitus Dance going on.

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Never saw 'em live, shame on me.