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Sunday, 5 October 2008

A Sunday sermon, of sorts!

This was the week that saw George Bush labelled a Socialist by his own party for pushing a bailout or buy into, depending on your viewpoint Bill through Congress, in order to save failing financial institutions. As in Britain, the American taxpayer will be picking up the bill and paying the price. But hey at least their representatives in Congress fucked it off to start with, before being bought, bullied or bribed into helping America save the world from ‘Economic Meltdown.’ In Britain the Government just went ahead and did it. So thanks! Mr Bush and Mr Brown for saving us all. Wankers! Right then, if I’m gonna be paying I want some returns for my investment. If you’re gonna introduce more regulation in the Financial Market, I wanna see some checks and controls in the Consumer Market about not only what can be sold, but also about what can be produced. I mean check this out, you couldn’t make this shit up or could you? This week TK Maxx, a leading discount clothing company had to remove Two items from it’s rails and shelves. No1: A coat that came with a penknife, No2: A walking stick with a 50cm blade concealed inside it (Sword sticks they called them in Victorian times.) WHAT THE FUCK! Knife crime anyone? Duh! Never mind that TK Maxx saw sense and removed them, they should never have got there in the first place, infact, they never should have even been produced in the first place. How much more shit is out there that we don’t need and don’t really want. If we had a regulated financial sector balanced with a controlled market economy, then perhaps, just as it took 30 years for their present economic system to shape and remould societies into one’s were the individual rules it could take another 30 years before we get a balance between the individual and the collective and a more just society. That’s the return I want for my money, and it all starts with empty shelves, fuck the individuals ’right’ to make money producing shit, cos not only has that attitude got us into the shit, it’s also pumping loads of shit into the atmosphere and fucking up the planet, there you go another good reason for market controls, because; the more that gets produced the more waste there is, from the products packaging to the products production, it is polluting the planet, but not only that, some products pollute the mind, and as a result we see social change. For example society has become more violent, or we are aware of it more through technological progress, whatever, but how? Try this one for size what about the impact of the plethora of violent films/music/video games/toys etc that are available on the market, or what about people being bombarded by media images of perfection, in the home in their appearance, the celebrity culture etc it all leads to the ‘shelf of shit’ where anything and everything is available to make peoples lives better, well that’s what they think; the reality is it just makes them worse. Take a look around, I think the evidence speaks for itself. Money may make the world go round, but it’s stalling at the moment and the time is coming when it’s gonna need a real Socialist bump start, just hope it’s not a National one!


Anonymous said...

I’ve got a horrible feeling that this is all just the tip of the iceberg.

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

I have a similar feeling, and we're sailing like the Titanic towards it. All hands on deck!