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Friday, 24 October 2008


Right then, No posts for a week; taking a ‘bloggers break’ before it breaks me. Had planned to post some music‘n’words this week, but like all plans it didn’t go to it. Never mind being skint financially, seem to be much the same time wise, no matter how you try to manage it. Anyway until my return, I’ll leave you with this musical lucky dip. I use the terms musical and lucky in their broadest terms, it’s all a matter of….but if you fancy taking a dip and a trip somewhere else, you know what to do. Feedback welcome and I’ll reveal more upon my return. I’ve also stuck up some of the music I was gonna post. It’s in the What Have We Got Here section (scroll down and look to the left!) As for the words well once again same old shit different flavours, corrupt politicians and business men, recession, dodgy government statistics re: violent crime US election etc, etc, etc. If anyone wants to get anything off their chest feel free to leave a comment. One last thing; Stay Free! Keep On Keeping On! United as One!, It’s the only way to get through the(ir) shit .


Anonymous said...

Your ‘Top shelf’ appears to betray an unhealthy interest in taxidermy Nuzz (!!).

John Liedown said...

Ha! :) Love this pic. A little insight. Remarkably similar, Passion is a fashion, check! Johnn Robb book, Check! Rude Boy DVD, check! Day the country died, check! Everything, Manics book, check! Big Tartan Punk book, check! Stuffed Weasel, Stuffed Weasel...... STUFFED WEASEL!!! No, i'm missing a stuffed weasel. Or what ever that foresaken thing is.
Have a nice break Nuzz.

Anonymous said...

stuffed weasel - not nice

Anonymous said...

Animal Farm Dvd......Check!

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

The weasel is a stoat, and was a boot sale bargain, keeps me in touch with my own mortality.