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Wednesday, 19 November 2008


So members of the BNP; a political party that relies on fear to get its message across are scared because their names and addresses have been leaked on the internet. What a fucking shame, welcome to your world, and lets hope a few of em get the sack from their jobs, because it’s not a good time to be unemployed, and they wont be able to blame the immigrants for taking their jobs. No doubt the membership list was leaked for a reason, and as I’m typing this I hear on the news that the their leader Nick Griffin is saying that any teachers that are sacked for being members of the BNP will be victims of fascism???!!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for reminding me that’s it not a good time to be unemployed Nuzz :-(

On the subject of the BNP…… No surprises that there’s a copper on the membership list. Twenty years ago it would have almost been a mandatory entry requirement!

Regardless of what one thinks about them as a political party (I despise them), being sacked from your job for being a member does throw up a few issues about our fastly eroding freedom as citizens.

Dr Faustroll said...

Discovering your blog. Good infos here... I add it to my list.
Thanks and long live the internationalists !!!

Unknown said...

The racism is difficult to measure, but a careful survey completed last month by Stanford University, with The Associated Press and Yahoo, suggested that Mr. Obama’s support would be about six percentage points higher if he were white. That’s significant but surmountable.

Anonymous said...


just enter your post code to track down the scum nearest to you

Unknown said...

Nick Griffin will use the Human Rights Act of the EU legislation, (which he and his party oppose), to protect the privacy of the BNP members. Confusion in their heads?

Anonymous said...

This makes redwatch look like a toddlers picnic party.

Chris Ripple said...

Hmmm... Been away while all this was going on...

In general terms I'm with 'nonymouse up the top, but feel he being a little cynical about the twenty year ago policemen.
My ex worked for them in a civilian capacity back then and can honestly say most of them were true blue tories (altho' thinking about it with hindsight there were times I couldn't tell the difference...) but in general terms, true blues.
It was a political thing... They always got a reasonable pay deal under the Tories and they certainly wouldn't have had an agreed pay deal reneged on by them... Not the done thing, old boy, don't'cha know ?
Sorry, just injecting a little sour cynicism there...

But it's there in the third para' in black and white isn't it ?
The crux of the whole damn thing.

Just how far are you going to go ?

Thrown out of trade unions for your political beliefs ?
Being sacked from your job for your political beliefs ?

Ain't any of these moronic fuckers who are proposing this 'politically correct' fascist bollox ever read Mein Kampf ?
Oh... Diddums... Have I called you a fascist to your face then ?
Oh don't cry...

Someone once said 'Those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it' or if they didn't, I just have.

Someone else said ' I oppose your views sir, with every sinew of my being, but I will defend to the death your right to hold them' or if they didn't, they should have...
Seems a good enough set of words to stand behind so that's where I'm standing.

Bring it on.

Sorry 'bout the job thing 'Nony', you just gotta keep trying and try not to let the thing get you down.
(Easier said than done when you're in that position I know, but good luck to ya...)