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Saturday, 14 July 2012

FALLEN ANGELS - In Loving Memory/Wheel Of Fortune

Hats off to Jungle Records for, in these economic hard times releasing, THE FALLEN ANGELS albums In Loving Memory and Wheel Of Fortune on CD for the first time, a 2CD set no less.... with bonus tracks. (A demo version of the Urban Dogs New Baptism, and a 21 minute version of Troops Of Tomorrow, are amongst the bonus tracks.) Both albums are more laid back and poppy than the first album, Knox's Lou Reed, Velvet Underground influence shines bright on a lot of the tracks. Andy McCoy and Nasty Suicide's role on these albums are as special guests rather than being the nucleus of the band, as they were on the first album. Some songs; Country Girl, Sailors On The Sea, Losing My Reason date back to Knox's pre Vibrators days when he played in a band called Despair, early versions of these can be found on; Despair The Birth Of The Vibrators 1973-1975, available from Cleopatra Records, or all good download stores. Also due out very soon on Time and Matter Records is the URBAN DOGS long, long, long awaited acoustic album Bonefield, it's been a long time coming, but I'm sure it's gonna have been worth the wait. One day it will come to pass that Knox is recognised by more people as one of Britains great song writers, until that day comes lets be thank full for people like Jungle Records and Time and Matter for releasing the records.


Mark said...

Nuzz, had a lot of spam from your nusseynuzz@aol.com email address, can you let me have an alternative email as well as your home address so we can send you a review copy of the new Urban Dogs CD mate.
Hope you are well, send to mark.chadderton1@gmail.com cheers...
All the best for now

Doug said...

Hey Nuzzy

I bought the 2 CD set on your recommendation.I am listening to 'In Living Memory' right now.Good so far.Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Could anyone upload this cds? i can`t fin them anywhere. thanks!