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Sunday, 22 July 2012

SIGUE SIGUE SPUTNIK - Early Demos (1984 - 87)

Back in 1985/86 SIGUE SIGUE SPUTNIK were either the future of Rock'n'Roll or one big over hyped piece of shit. All mouth and pink trousers, wigs, make up and high heels, with Rock'n'Roll riffs, techno dance beats and samples, this was the sound of the 21st Century. I saw 'em several times and they were one of the best live bands I've seen, and their debut album Flaunt It is a desert island disc of mine, but enough of that shit, here are a collection of demos from 1984 – 87, these as far as I am aware are not the same as those released as the First Generation album. Thanx to the original uploader of these over at guitars101 forum.   NEW LINK HAS BEEN SORTED! 


Stevo said...

Thanks for this, I was at that Coventry Lanch gig, I seem to recall I could be seen on one of the front pages of the tabloids (The Daily Mirror I think) as to avoid being crushed by the forward surge, I ended up half on stage in front of Neal X. It was a great gig ruined by some twat

Anonymous said...

I've seen some amazing punk/alternative (for want of a better word) bands over the years (including many of the 'greats' (for want of a better word) and I have to say SSS are right up there with the best of them. Sadly they were easily seen as a one dimensional gimmick band ty their detractors but they were astonishing live.

I still think the Love Missile F1-11 video sums it up. Watch other promos from that period and then watch SSS. To quote Bladerunner, "the star that shines twice as bright burns half as long".

undeadboy said...

Are these the demos Thunders played guitar on?

Anonymous said...

The original mediafire link has been yanked because the account has been closed down! I don't suppose you can repost these songs again yourself?! (grovel)

Anonymous said...

can you reupload sss again?

from italy

Anonymous said...

Hi Nuzz,

As one of the earlier posters (27 July) I'm writing to thank you MASSIVELY for re-upping this!


PIL Head said...

Cheers Nuzz
these'll bring back some memories - all that hype back in the day- they promised to be so much more than just another band, shame it didnt turn out that way

All the best mate

knoppi said...

HI Uploader!! Please please give us a REPOST of this SPUTNIK JEWEL of 84-87 Demos!!! This link here is a long Time Down. Ive never found this great Musicpackage on another Blog or DDL SITE. only you can give us what we need to live a few years longer! But without this Link we have no reason to live on. Just kidding,but if you REUP this,you make a many 80s Sputnik Fans very happy!!! Thanks fpr your support and your time to make it posible to download this great pearls of music-history. Stay Wild , Krawinkel !!

knoppi said...

It´s down for a long long time! In July i beg for a REUP for this Demo Stuff. But now it´s 6 Month ago and the same result DOWN Down Down! Is this BLOG CLOSED or what is the reason for that? Maybe the Uploader is DEAD or have no Interest to give us a RE POST of this Pearl of Music!! I´ve never found this stuff on a other Site,Blog,DDL Warez etc. I hope for the Millions of SPUTNIK Fans around the whole World that the UPLOADER help us to hear the Great DDemos from Sigue Sigue Sputnik for the 1st time in Our long,long Life. It´s 35Years ago when the Group came over the World with LOVE MISSILE F1-11. And nothing was the same like befor-- PLEASE GIVE US A REEEEEEEEEEEEE UPPPPPPPP PLEAZE HELP US!!! If itposible on another Hoster like ZIPPY SHARE;UPLOADED;DEPOSITE OR another. AVAST says DIVSHARE are a fishingsite. Don´t know if it´s true but with Avast it´s not posible to download..THANKS for your time !!!