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Sunday, 22 July 2012

It wouldn't be a Sunday if I wasn't spouting some of the same old shit!

Life imitates art and ends in death at a showing of the new Batman film in, Colorado USA. No surprise really; the availability of firearms, violent films and video games etc, are a lethal combination for anyone with the will to kill and an out of control ego. It's a fucked up world with death, destruction and conflict across the planet . In the UK the fog of war descends as a father kills his children and then himself, he's lost the battle he was fighting inside his head.
Life is cheap in a pound-stretcher society. Western values are fired from the barrel of a gun in the sand and desert of a foreign land, while a teenager sits in front of a computer in their room, in the line of fire on the call of duty, in their virtual world of war-craft, disconnected and desensitised from any sort of reality, through consumer sanctioned violence sold as entertainment.

Economic collapse across Europe as countries start to fall apart, the far right look to unite these divisions through scapegoating and blame, the right and left turn to populist politics, when all along they've ignored the peoples views with false promises and U-turns.
Moral decline, the rich get rich and stay rich, while the poor get poorer. Let them eat junk food, let them watch junk TV, keep them drunk on cheep booze, distract them with flag waving spectacles like Jubilees and Olympic games.

Let the people give away their freedoms by getting them addicted to technology. A digital age of close circuit hard drive mobile phone network surveillance. Who needs to think for themselves when you've got an app to do it for you.
Social network junkies. Tap, tap, tapping out another facebook fix. In a self obsessed narcissistic celebrity culture everyone feels famous amongst their twitter followers. Tweet, tweet, tweet....TWATS!  

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gobshyte said...

Hi Nuzz
while i was looking for stuff from a band called SYCDUCK on the tinterweb i found a post here from april 2007 from them.they were an awesome band.an old friend of mine was reaalyy good mates with the singer and i used to have a bunch of demo cassettes at home from them.i still have one knocking around somewhere that i will send you if and when i get round to copying it to digital.althoughh be prepared to wait a while,im not very good with technology.ill probably get a nephew to do it for me.if you still have the post anywhere at home is there any a chance you could possibly repost it mate.they were a feckin great band and i was beginning to think i was the only one who remembered them.i just ordered a cd of theirs from amazon for 99p called magic beans which i will send you a copy of when i get it if you like?
cheers fella