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Friday, 10 October 2008

Further to my brief rant earlier today, it now appears that Gordon Brown has declared war on Iceland, well not exactly but according to reports the British Government is freezing Icelandic assets and threatening to sue their government, because Iceland has refused to pay back the money that has been lost. Well yeah, sounds fair, why should they? If you go to a Casino, place a bet and lose, you don’t get yer money back, what’s the point in that, that’s the risk you take, and that’s the risk investors took, and they lost, it’s unfortunate, but shit happens, and a lot of shit has happened over the past few weeks, and it’s all happened with our Governments knowledge and support, if anyone should be suing any one, it should be us suing the Government, for gross incompetence.


Lee said...

Yeah Kerry Katona should be arrested for war crimes :)

Anonymous said...

No surprises that the government used the all singing all dancing terrorism law to freeze Icelandic assets.

Highlander said...

Aye - well spotted anonymous. Amazing how handy those anti-terror laws have turned out: from councils that want to spy on people to freezing another states assets. I wonder what else they cover apart from bleeding everything!

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Aaah!, yes those anti terror laws, a great tool/weapon for our leaders to use and abuse. Talking of terror, it now appears that North Korea have been removed from the list of 'terrorist states'as they are gonna comply with nuclear inspections, maybe, or perhapes they've got something that the rest of the world aint at the moment, money and an economy?

Chris Ripple said...

I think we lost the last war with Iceland(The Cod War)if our fishermen's views have any place in this ? but if it stops Bjork bringing out crap albums I'm all in favour of it... Is that covered by our all singing, all dancing terrorism act ?
If not it bloody well should be.

(Look, somebody had to try and get some humour out of the situation as it ain't exactly a laughing matter which ever way you look at it).

I've got two gigs in The Gambia in West Africa in November and am paying my own way out there cos they ain't got shit in the way of money and that is one poor country.
All these people who lost money should go and see how poor people live before they start whingeing about how much they've lost and maybe they'll thank their lucky stars they live in a country where a bag of rice doesn't cost half your monthly salary before you've paid for anything else ?
But their attitude is always positive, ok, they've not got a lot except a smile and a kind word but that's more than we've currently got here, so what's more important ?
I've made my choice.