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Monday, 10 December 2012


  • Over the last 30 years more of the National Income has been going to 'the financial services' than to the workers. In the 1980's Tory Uber Komandant Norman Tebbit told the unemployed to “Get on your bike” and look for work. Now under a new Government initiative job seekers are being encouraged to “ Get on the bus” by being given free travel.
  • The great smog in London may well have cleared 60 years ago, but there might be a new cloud of smoke appearing soon, with talk of setting up a Royal Commission into drugs. (another one?) I should imagine Legalisation of Cannabis is gonna be....high....on the agenda, especially when the powers that we let be see how much money could be made in tax if there was some sort of state control of the sale/distribution of drugs, especially when that figure is balanced against the cost of prohibition and the criminalisation of users.
  • What about the Prank call from those two Australian DJ's to the hospital were the Duchess of where-ever was staying with complications to her pregnancy. I've just realised that I didn't do a congratunational post at the good news that there's another royal mouth for us to feed. Back to the prank call the hapless DJ's made; where they pretended to be The Queen and Prince Philip, and were given confidential information by a nurse. A couple of days later, the nurse who answered the call committed suicide, ooops! A butterfly flaps its wings and all that. So now not content with judging our own media, we are scrutinising an Australian Radio stations behaviour, in a situation no-one could have predicted would happen. It's interesting that Prince Charles joked about the call the day after it happened, and the palace made no formal complaint, so I was left wondering why someone would kill themselves over a mistake they made at work, unless they were so afraid that they would lose their job over it. Perhaps we should be looking if there is a 'culture of fear' in the NHS, that drove the nurse to kill herself, especially as the palace had made no formal complaint over the incident. Her husband has said that it was the “shame” that drove his wife to suicide he might have a point there, because they weren't very good impersonations!
  • But lets not get distracted from the bigger picture, like just how involved is Britain getting in the conflicts happening in the Middle East and the increased tensions closer to home in Northern Ireland, and what will Santa Satan bring you for Christmas!

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