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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

SKATERS - Schemers EP

This post was originally gonna be a where are they now/what are they up to now sort of thang about THE PADDINGTONS, but instead has turned into something different. Here we go from how the original post was going to  start.
Whatever became of these Rock'n'Roll reprobates? They seem to have disappeared since their last album No Mundane Option in 2008. The Paddingtons were no mundane option, with pockets full of power pop punk rock. So what's been going on? Well....their twitter feed hadn't been updated, as far as I can see since Dec 2011, the last tweet said to check out Josh's (The Paddingtons guitarist) new side projects SKATERS. In the original post, I was then gonna talk about the last I'd heard of The Paddingtons, which was about their plans for a live EP, which I didn't hear anymore about, I was then gonna enquire whether there were any recordings available of The Paddingtons preforming with Hugh Cornwall from The Stranglers at some Jack Daniels (I think) sponsored event a few years ago. That was as far as I got before I skated off elsewhere.
I clicked the link and was taken to a web page with scant info about Skaters, but there was a free download of their 5 Track Schemers EP available, which I checked out, and well....Slightly disappointed I must say, will say and now have said. It just sounds a bit dated, a sort of lo-fi post punk, spiky and scruffy Strokes sounding rock'n'roll racket with a splash of arty dub grooves to some of the tracks. But hey....just cos it's not my bag, that doesn't mean it might not be yours....Check Skaters out here!Click, Download, Extract File, Play, then either Save or Delete! depending on what you think of what you hear, sounds like a fair deal, no robbery and all that. ENJOY? DESTROY?

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IndependentXBMC said...

saw them play the Adelphi in Hull last fortnight, and they did a dj set the night before at another place in Hull.

i'd say they were really good but i thought their support (No Nothings) were fucking excellent. No Nothings r garage punk hard and fast, and have two other ex-paddingtons and others