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Friday, 7 December 2012

THE DEAD 60'S - Time To Take Sides (Unreleased 2007 Album)

The Dead 60's were from Liverpool. Their self titled debut album was released in 2005 along with a succession of killah singles. In 2007 the band relocated to New York to record that 'difficult second album'
They'd come to bury the 90's Brit-Pop era with their brand of high octane incendiary ska punk, inspired by the likes of seventies reggae legend King Tubby, The Clash and the Gang Of 4. If there was a natural successor to The Ruts, then The Dead 60's were that band. Unfortunately despite major support slots with the likes of Garbage, Social Distortion, Morissey, Kasabian and travelling across the US as part of the Vans Warped Tour, where the band became a big hit on Alternative Radio with their 2004 single Riot Radio. Major success eluded the band, they never received the commercial/critical acclaim of bands like The Enemy or Hard-Fi, which is a real shame and they announced their split in 2008, leaving behind one album, a string of stomping and skanking singles, and this their unreleased second album Time To Take Sides, a collection of songs from the streets, tales of urban angst, anguish and anger. Five years after its non-release Time To Take Sides still sounds relevant today, because socially nothing has really changed in Britain, if anything its got worse. The working week is still boring and the weekend too short. Kids are still growing up in dull towns, in a country run by liars, that is still at war in the desert sun, and it's still time to take sides and stand up! ENJOY!!


Anonymous said...

You're so right with what you say about this band, but why do you call this record unreleased?? Here in Germany you can buy it in all good record stores. It's on Deltasonic Records and released in 2007.
But who cares, this is one of those bands you'll discover on the world wide blogland so keep up your good work on your site and greetings from snowy Hamburg


Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Cheers anon, dunno why, but it wasn't released in the UK as far as I'm aware of.

Anonymous said...

In Greece Also I Found This Album Back In 2009 I Think,Released On A French Label And With A Cost Of 5 Euros !!!
Anyway,You Are Right,I Never Understood Why This Great Band Never Got The Recognition They Worth.
Thanks For Your Blog.

Anonymous said...

What a great band they were. Pity they didn't get the recognition they so rightly deserved. Many thanks for this


Moderator said...

It was shelved in the UK but contracts to the label made it available in europe, never quite lived up to the first album,