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Saturday, 8 December 2012

The Countdown begins....

13 Sleeps till the end of the world! That's if you believe the predictions of the ancient Mayan civilisations calendar, which it is claimed says the lights go out across the globe on Dec 21st 2012, well probably not in those exact words but you know what I mean.... or do you....Because the prediction of the end of the world is only someone else’s interpretation of another persons writings. No scientific evidence, unless there's something we haven't been told about, mind you science isn't the answer to everything, sometimes shit just happens.

Other days of reckoning have been and gone and we're still here.

But what if on 21st Dec 2012 a meteorite or a massive lump of space debris hits the earth, knock it off its axis, flooding half the world and setting the other half on fire? Or perhaps a freezing cold wind is going to blow in from the East, wait up.... yeah they've told us about the cold wind...or 'The Beast From The East' as the media are calling it.

I'm pretty sure that come 22nd Dec 2012, we are all still gonna be here, some people may have joined some crazy end of the world cult and committed mass suicide, but do people really care anyway? To some it might be a blessing....putting them out of their misery. Some peoples worlds have already ended in economic and emotional bankruptcy, some less fortunate ones haven't seen a world, other than the one they've had created for them, that has left them chasing dreams and living in hope of a better world.

Start again, A new world with order, not a new world order! Time to get organised! Not much time left!

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styreneboy said...

Er... Yeah... Have a good christmas Nuzz, I think we'll all still be here!