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Sunday, 8 December 2013

CHELSEA - Live @ Madam Jo Jo's, London, 28/10/13 (*DOWNLOAD*)

Time for some punk friction. It's been nearly 37 years since Chelsea front man Gene October helped open the Roxy Club in the Soho district of London, which in a hundred days kick started the punk scene by taking it out of the hands of the fashionable elite and putting out on to the streets. Fast forward to 2013 and we find him once again in Soho this time at Madam Jo Jo's, with the great unsung heroes of the punk rock wars; Chelsea, playing not just to London, but to the world with a live and direct internet streamed show. Thanks the dedication and determination of people like Gene, Knox and Charlie Harper, Punk Rock now stomps the streets of towns and cities across the world. The power of the music and the message still resonates today War Across The Nation never sounded so vital, there's a hunger and rage burning; Chelsea are still on fire!

A new album is due to be recorded in the New Year, the band are seeking support from 'the fans' to help fund the record. You can find out more at the bands website, and if you go here then you can grap a download of their Madam Jo Jo's gig. Enjoy! Thanx to the original uploaders of the video that I extracted the audio from.

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Unknown said...

Hi Nuzz :) Long time no hear/here. Cheers for this one mate. Google is taking over the world now but I hope all is well and you receive this comment successfully. I'm getting blinder I think as these captures are getting harder to get right. I'm looking forward to the new Chelsea album and I will have to get my name on it!