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Monday, 16 December 2013


1001 things to do before you die....Live your life without the aid of a fucking handbook telling you what to do, see, hear or watch! People are tourists in others lives reliant on everyone else and not themselves, responsible for nothing, waiting for a response from google. Remote and distant from reality living in a world full of stuff defined by others, a world people can't afford to live in 1001 things to destroy before they destroy us! Here are a few to be going on with, in no particular order:-

Advertising / Reality TV / The National Lottery / Mobile Phones / TV Talent shows / Credit Cards / Arms Manufacture / Satellite and Cable TV / Wi-Fi / Private schooling / Work related bonuses //

Have any of the above improved the lives of the impoverished? A world with more often offers less.

Small changes at the bottom can lead to a big change at the top! Shake the foundations and the structure will start to wobble, remove parts of the foundations and the(ir) monstrous Frankenstein creation and structure will start to collapse. Welcome to the wasteland, where destruction leads to construction and something new and more human can emerge from the debris. Having less may give people more.

Ingenious space space saving items; just mean people have more space to fill with more shit! Ingenious labour saving products give people more time to labour at something else. Productivity and efficiency. People seek perfection in an imperfect world an ideal that can never be attained no matter how much is spent. People want to remain young and beautiful from the outside, but inside they are just old and ugly and putty in the hands of the cosmetics industry.

An instant world means people become inpatient. People expect more from goods and services yet morally they contribute less as they scuffle and scrap for stuff. Lack of face to face communication means people become faceless; human beings are de-humanising themselves with every e-mail or instant message they send. Work does not set you free! A culture of Credit and debit keeps people chained to their desks and imprisoned in death camps that are called offices, call centres, warehouses and factories. If stuff wasn't sold cheap and people didn't have the cash to buy stuff and had to save before they bought, then would there be so much stuff produced? STUFF THEIR STUFF!

You know something isn't quite right when the adults are wearing baby-grows, or 'onesies' to call them by the name given to them by the fashion industry, and they are dressing their four year old children like adults and encouraging them to grow up quicker. People are stealing their children’s childhood from them, their innocence is corrupted from birth, as they place them in the arms of a purple dinosaur who also serves as a military torture aid against the orange jump suit clad inmates of Guantanamo Bay.

In the wake of the Jimmy Saville celebrity sex scandals some crazy fools have talked of lowering the age of consensual sex from 16 to 15, they justify this by saying that statistics showed more children were having sex before they were 16???? That makes as much sense to me as politicians wanting to lower the voting age to 16, despite the statistics showing that young people 18+ are not voting anyway. Still at least parents can look forward to a future with no 'teenage tantrums and troubles' because there will be no more teenagers because some sections of society want to see the death of the teenager and are quite happy to see a future generation old before their time, living in a world that tells them 1001 times what to do and how to live their lives. 

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