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Thursday, 19 December 2013


It's around that time of year when the media have a round up of what has gone on over the last twelve months. (Immigration, extreme weather, global warming and the environment, celebrity drugs shame, famous/influential person dies, crime, terrorist fear, corrupt politicians, policies that target the poor, humanitarian crisis's etc, etc.) Well things have just gone round and round, the stories are the same it's just the names and places that are different from last year and the year before that. Things will continue to go around and round with continued familiarity certainty and inevitability from year to year until the cycle is broken. This will never happen as long as total global capitalism fuels the machine, with it's total disregard for those that have the least in order to feed those that have the most.
With every passing year the circle is ever decreasing, until it will eventually become a dot, a full stop....The End! History will repeat itself no more....We will all be history when it ends with a big bang! But until then the struggle must continue, it's the only way to slow down the wheel and change the course of history, it's not like they haven't been told, and there are a lot more people seeing through the shit and ready to take a stand against the power. I predict more riots and more confrontational politics as the years go on. Lets see what happens next year with protests against the HS2 High speed rail link, (I've been to Birmingham a couple of times, can't see why anyone would want to get there any quicker) Then there's Fracking and building on green belt land. Lets see just how revolting middle England can become, never mind not in my backyard, what about not in anyone's backyard. Then there's the possibility of revolting pensioners taking to the streets and building barricades with zimmer frames and wheelchairs when both state and private pensions fail to meet the needs of an ageing population. How will the state respond, well all the machinery is now in place to brand anyone that speaks out or acts against government policies a terrorist, What happened on 9/11 in New York and on 7/7 in London, changed the course of our history with the right of free speech and the right to protest etc now coming under attack, but carried on with the course of theirs; global domination for Free market Liberal Capitalism. In the face of the collapse of communism a new enemy was found; Islam and in paticular Muslim extremists who want to destroy Western values and freedoms, well it looks like the war on terror has been won....by the real terrorists.

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Anonymous said...

Follow your blog, love your music, photos, think about understand and agree with most of your feelings ideas and thinkings, thank you.
It makes me feel not so strange about it all.

just hope you also don´t use whatsup...

from spain, keep on