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Wednesday, 4 December 2013


Christ on a cross, it's nearly Christmas, no lets make that consumer mass. A cash celebration spend, spend, spend. Wants not needs....shoppers battle and fight for the bargains, for more shit they want but don't need. Can't wait to see 'em scrapping at The Poundland Sale.

People die....Famous people; celebrities, ordinary people; nobodies. The innocent, the guilty, young people, old people....slaughtered by the hands of others or by their own hands, or from natural causes. A quick painless death or a slow painful one. Some deserve to die for the suffering they have brought to others. Some lives are cut short before they have been lived, others just go on, and on....We are born and we die, such is life! We are nurtured by our nature, given chances, we make choices or fate decides. Some are born into an easy life, others are lucky, many struggle. Some work in jobs they love, others in ones they hate, some people don't have/need or want to work

The guilt, the pain. The joy and love. The hate and fear. Emotions and feelings make and hold us together as an individual, but divide us as a collective. Those in power make sure of that!

Break the circle end the cycle, stop the wheel from turning. Our history is all about learning. Things wont change unless people want them to. Things wont change if people don't change. What if people don't change, or want things to stay the same? Wheels still keep turning. The people keep dancing to the pipers tune.

Technological progress makes things spin faster. Everything becomes flatter and bigger, quicker and smaller. Distance and time becomes shorter. Money keeps the people peddling, they think they are making their own way through life, when really they are just following well worn paths.

The free press costs; intelligence questioned or insulted by headlines intended to provoke an emotional response by reader or viewer public opinion shaped and moulded as policies are drawn up. Mass mind manipulation across the nation. Who watches the watchers when every one is blind to the lies.

Alternatives are either vetoed by vested interests, or invested in with vested interests. For example, The British Medical Association want to ban those e cigarettes that people have taken to using as a means to give up smoking as they haven't been approved by the association. While politicians pushing Green Environmental policies have shares in companies that produce parts for wind farms.

Propaganda truths distorted Free thinking controlled by power forces, with their constant contradictions.   

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