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Thursday, 7 August 2008

The Olympic Shames!

So the Olympic Games are almost here, and the Chinese regime is about to put on the biggest spectacle the world has seen; a relaxation in certain freedoms; which were part of the deal for hosting the games, along with cutting back on pollution. What happens when the games are over? Will any Chinese citizens who’ve spoken out against the regime to the worlds press face reprisals, will the games change the regimes attitude to human rights, freedoms and pollution, or will they carry on pumping shit into the air and treating the Tibetans like shit! While making money filling Western shelves with even more shit. Well if we didn’t buy it, then there’d be no need to make it, so there’d be less pollution, and if World leaders didn’t attend then they’d be sending a message to the regime that they still have a long way to go, before it’ll be truly accepted in the world as a ‘civilised ‘nation, but no! What happens is that we the British tax payer are gonna be footing the bill for a bunch of civil servants to go to the opening ceremony, as aids to people like Boris Johnson; who’s going along, cos yes that’s right in 2012, Britain (well London really) is gonna be hosting the games, and guess who’s gonna be paying?…. We fucking are! For what? To boost our standing in the world as a ’civilised’ nation?, one who’s government wants to lock people up for 42 days without trial, one that spies on it’s citizens while they drive about in their gas guzzling cars throwing rubbish out of the window, supporting the status quo, cos they’re to scared to lose the freedom that allows them to buy cheap Chinese goods. Then our government along with many other countries are too scared to speak out against the Chinese regime, in case they lose out on financial investment from Chinas emerging market force. Now that really is the fucking spectacle!


Anonymous said...

My heart sank the day we won the 2012 Olympic bid. Beckham and co jumping up and down in their grey suits was just nauseating. It was obvious from the off that it’s gonna cost Big Time. Just like the Dome fiasco. So many other things to spend the money on, affordable housing to name but one.

princecharly said...

Something vile about the whole Olympics - totally self congratulatory - the chinese doing a USA "we're Number One" while their government suppresses them. Bit like capitalism really, only a bit less sneaky about it. Complete waste of valuable resources

Anonymous said...

Putting the abysmal human rights issues of China to one side I think there is something else going on here.
I sense a western fear of China - The emerging world superpower. We’ve been happy to buy their goods and furnish our homes with cheaply produced items for years. But we feel uncomfortable if they start to get ideas above their station and aspire to a standard of life that we in the West enjoy. We are living through the last years of the dominant West. In fifty years time the world will have re ordered itself around the East and Middle east. The U. S. will be a spent force. It will still have its weapons, but that’s all. And contrary to popular opinion this will all come about by economic and capitalist forces, not military ones.
It will be a difficult but peaceful realignment. But make no mistake, it will happen. And that, essentially, is what we don’t like. Human rights is a fig leaf for the real concerns.