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Monday, 25 August 2008


The Olympics. One fiasco over, another about to begin. I mean it aint off to a good start, what with Scouting For Girls covering the Clash’s London Calling at the party outside Buckingham Palace, but then again London Callings apocalyptic vision of the future, is now the present, so perhaps it weren’t such a bad idea, should imagine the irony may well be lost on Scouting for Girls, as they felt the need to change some of the words, not that I watched it, my girlfriend told me. I did however watch Boris Johnson waving the Olympic Flag, willing him on to drop it, but alas not. So here we are, all of a sudden recession and repossession are forgotten about, it’s feel good Britain, didn’t we do well. WE! Excuse me, but I don’t remember running round the track, I don’t even remember watching anyone run round the track, so leave me out of it and don’t try and take my eye off the ball and pretend everything’s hunky dory just cos WE’ve won a few more gold medals than the German’s and Australian’s, still beats going to war with them I suppose just to show who’s the superior nation, and in 2012 WE’ll really show ’em. None of this computer generated opening ceremony, no a rock concert with Elton fucking John! I bet the people who had the homes bulldozed are gonna be pleased about that. Still it’s gonna provide a lasting legacy and re-generate East London, but hey is that what the Olympic committee wants, or do they want the games to be for the athletes, with a good infa-structure, cos after all shouldn’t that be who the games are for, not for nations to co-opt and claim individuals glory for their own. Our athletes should have done well, considering the amount of Lottery Funding they’ve received, often at the expense of other ’good causes’ How’s London gonna compete with Beijing, the most expensive games ever. The Government have already said that there’s no more money available…. but WE’ve done so well! I wonder if that’s it, they’re gonna try and make the people feel so good about OUR Olympic success that WE’re gonna say “Yes, we’ll gladly pay more tax so we can beat those Germans and Australians against” and then there’s the legacy; the legacy what is this fucking legacy they keep going on about? An athletes village that can be turned into social housing? Stadiums to fill with people watching what ever? Or a network of training facilities to train future athletes so WE can show just how Great Britain is! All this from the pockets of the people. This post aint meant to take away from the achievements of the individual athletes, it’s meant to piss on the parade of all the politicians grasping and grappling for a piece of others success to appropriate for their own ends. The legacy of the Beijing Olympics is that the world has seen just who is the most powerful nation in the world, both financially and physically. WE need to remember that, our leaders did, that’s why they said nothing about Human Rights and the press freedoms that didn’t happen as promised. A bit of a sham of a show really.


Anonymous said...

Damn disgrace. Shoulda never happened in Beijing. What the hell were they thinking?


Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

I dunno, I worry about that? I'm sure it will all become clear when we get nearer to 2012.