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Monday, 11 August 2008


So one nation does battle with another, while the world watches. I aint talking the Olympic Games here, no it’s the Russia and Georgia conflict, and the gold at stake there is an oil pipeline, the only one that doesn’t pass through Russia or Iran on its way to the West. South Ossetia was the trigger; a small break away republic of Georgia, which is made up of ethnic Georgians and others who Russia has given passports to. Both sides say they are protecting their people, which is why they both ’invaded’ the area and neither wants to back down; so the bombs continue to fall all around. The fires of nationalism fuelled by the oil that passes through Georgia, on its way to European nations, which is why the area is of strategic value to countries like Britain, and why some claim the conflict is about Russia trying to take control of the area in order to increase our dependency on their fuel supplies. Western decadency and democracy equals death for not only the people of Georgia, but also those in the Niger Delta in West Africa were things are hotting up between Nigerian Government Forces, Oil Companies and the indigenous people, not that you hear much about that one in the media, probably something to do with the pro West values of Georgia and the fact that the West doesn’t give a shit about Africa anymore, not since the days of empire, that’s why they’re leaving it to the Chinese to invest in and exploit what resources are left there.

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Anonymous said...

Its starting to look like the
Mad Max scenario of the remaining humans fighting over the last scraps of fuel in a post apocalyptic world was quite prophetic.