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Saturday, 30 August 2008

Here's Some More From The Class War Of 1994!

A while back I posted a Hunt Saboteur Compilation CD Biting Back (Link’s probably dead. Mental note to myself; Re-Post It!) This tape was the precursor to that and features many of the bands on the CD, all recorded live once again at The Square in Harlow between 1991 and 1993. This was the sound of the Punk Rock Underground groove of the time, or ’crusty’ as the music press liked to call it. Back To The Planet and The Baggers ITA both appeared on the front cover of NME, the former enjoyed minor chart success. The Blaggers sank without a trace after singer Matty punched an NME journalist, who’d questioned him about his dubious past as an NF member, remember that The Blaggers were fervent Anti Racists, one of their tracks here is the explosive This Is Where It Ends, which deals with the racist murder of Roland Adams. Unfortunately that was not where it ended, sixteen years later people are still being murdered because of the colour of their skin. Not everyone on this tape took everything so seriously; you’ve got the Cowboy Killers giving Elvis’s Latest Flame a good seeing to, Watt Tyler riding Hawkwind’s Silver Machine and Snuff reminding us that Bran Flakes were tasty, and Leatherface celebrating their Geordie roots with Howay The Lads. Restoring a bit of seriousness there’s Scum Of Toytown and Citizen Fish, with their skanktastic ska vibes, plus there’s loads of other good shit. Anyway enough waffle here’s Side One of the tape, and there’s Side Two. Enjoy!


John Liedown said...

Great stuff! Even a track from the mighty Neurosis. Who'd have thought it. Beddis from Cowboy Killers now does this as a regular thing as 'Las Vegas Elvis' truly a sight to behold.

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

The Cowboy Killers, they were funny fuckers,total fun and really nice people, met 'em once when Scum of Toytown played the Robey with 'em, Neurosis, errm yes!

biopunk said...

Thanks Nuzz!

Been looking for this one for years


Doug B said...

Any chance you could re-up this? Thanks!