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Thursday, 21 August 2008


It would appear that there’s a BNP supporter working where I’m working; judging by the graffiti that was in one of the staff toilets. I say was, but it’s still there. The letters BNP and a swastika have been scrawled in pen on the walls, but hey I’ve got a pen …you SCUM and BLOODY NASTY PEOPLE. Also on the wall, in the same pen and handwriting as the BNP supporter someone’s written ..I SUCK COCKS, and left a phone number 0723.….nah, best not. Me and my pen couldn’t be bothered to respond to that one. No further graffiti has appeared, but more worryingly this lot hasn’t been removed yet. Some people just take the piss! and accept any old shit!


Lee said...

The "if you're reading this you're pissing on your boots" was always my favourite :)

Had a strange one many years back in a washroom where someone had written the "NF" symbol and as a footie fan I'd scribbled N.ottm F.orest on it, later I came back and the whole thing was scribbled out. I always assumed the Chelsea fan who I suspected of the original couldn't deal with that simple retort and would probably have upset him more than if I'd written something about his political beliefs? :-)

Anonymous said...

Bit worrying about the BNP thing Nuzz. Particularly as no one has yet found the need to have it removed. Wonder how Black/Asian employees feel about it? Hopefully it’s a sign that they (The BNP) are viewed as a non entity joke these days.

Sham 69 were of course named after a bit of bog graffiti.
According to Pursey someone had scrawled 'Walton and Hersham 69' on a toilet wall but the writing had worn off over the years leaving only …sham 69.

Highlander said...

The toilets at my work only breed f*cking foul smells. I swear some of the guys have got spray attachments on their arseholes.

I am regularly picking bits of loo paper off the floor (not used before you ask) and generally tidying round as I am so ashamed of the state some people leave the place in. The poor woman that has to clean them has my undying admiration.