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Sunday, 13 February 2011

Easy Target #?

JUSTIN BIEBER, Don’t you just wanna slap him across the face…...with a spiked running shoe!
He’s a young singer, a popular pin up with teenage girls, or so my daughter tells me, apparently he’s peng?! More like pong if you ask me; a squeaky clean image of perfection, he’s one of the ugly faces of capitalism; someone for kids to aspire to be like, or to desire someone like him, something the majority will fail to achieve despite spending a fortune on trying to. Justin Bleeder the little shit! I blame the parents and the profiteers!


RevolutionaryBum said...

Couldn't agree with you more NUZZ ! At least he didn't win any grammies last night !!! (I don't think?) Best new artist went to Esapranza Spalding !!! Who is truly talented, not just a pretty face that a year from now people will be asking " Justin Who?" What's worse is Nickelodeon and Disney with their pre packaged crap "bands" that there weening kids into a life of buying cheap crap, produced with no talent faces so they can reap all the profits !!! I think there so focused on the profits that they no longer want to deal with actual artists who they can't completely control... Just my opinion but I think we see eye to eye... Take care bro.

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