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Sunday, 6 February 2011

The Pyramids Turned Upside Down

So in the wake of the recent uprising in Tunisia it’s all kicked off in Egypt, one of the birth places of civilisation.. The Egyptian people fuelled on recent events in Tunisia have also found their power against uncivilised authoritarian rule. POWER TO THE PEOPLES! This new found fire will spread across other regimes.
The West in the guise of the USA and Britain are worried and I’m sure would have rather not seen the scenes of people taking to the streets on mass in protest. Egypt’s geo-political location is vital to the supply of oil through the Suez Canal, and their support for Israel is vital for the ‘keeping of the peace in the Middle East.
They also fear that in the power vacuum after the uprising that a super islamist state will be formed, like in Iran after the Shah was overthrown in 1979, and replaced by the Ayatollah Khomeini, and we know how much the West loves Iran..
Stability in the Middle East has seen the West not only turn it’s head away from Human Rights atrocities, but also seen it pump millions of dollars into Egypt’s economy and military.
At least the Army, once loyal to President Mubarak have refused to fire on their own people, just like they were bought by Mubarak I wonder how much the West have had to promise to keep the guns silent. Mubaraks bullies ride in on camels as government backed pro Mubarak supporters clash with pro democracy group. The people are firing at the people. The terror of Revolutions after the initial united front the factions appear and the real fight for power starts.
Mubarak has said he will stand down in September, which is not soon enough for some. The US have said they want to see an orderly transition toward free and fair elections, not that any elections are free and fair, look at the troubles there were on the streets of Athens’s in Greece the birthplace of democracy a while ago, when the people weren’t happy with their government. So how are things gonna pan out in Egypt? How involved are the West going to be? In order to maintain stability probably quite a lot, unlike in Tunisia which is far less important in their scheme of things.

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