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Sunday, 20 February 2011

THEir BIGfuckedupSOCIETY. (Some Thoughts!)

Here’s a thought….The reason this Big Society that the politicians are pushing and both themselves and the public are having trouble to understand is because it is a concept that is alien to them; The Big Society is about altruism and not individualism, about people taking responsibility for their society, by doing things for the common good.
Saying that its also a nice bit of spin and a smoke screen to hide the cuts in public spending, and a way of getting people to do the work that their taxes once paid for before the politicians/bankers and business fucked it! Now they’re trying to create and sell us a solution/answer to the problems they created through years of rampant consumer market multi capitalism. Thatcher said “there’s no such thing as society, just individuals” now Cameron’s looking for a Big Society, something that doesn’t exist in a world of total capitalism, where values do not equal the same amount. The haves and have nots. Less equals more when only a small percentage hold the wealth.
A Big Society should be organic and evolve, not be forced upon people The only way their Big Society will work is if people and individuals want it to work. The people need to know that they have been part of the problem through their mass consumption of commodity goods and the credit culture that has supported them.
There needs to be some sort of Social/Political and economic change, but the people have got to want it and see that they need it for it truly be called a big society, until then it’s just another society controlled by the powers that be, and what about those who don’t see Cameron’s Big Vision, How are they gonna be made to conform, fit in and kept in line?
Some people have been volunteering doing community and charity work for years, but here’s something the people can’t get their heads round; Why then if Charity work is so important in The Big Society is money being cut from these organisations? Well it looks like the State doesn’t value this work, and they’d rather that the money came from other sources like the private sector, and wealthy philanthropists, plus there’s The Big Society Bank that has money for organisations to bid for. Where’s this money come from? And I bet it wont be the same amount as has been cut from Local Authority budgets. Here’s another thing….Local Government should be taking a stand against Westminster, not just blaming them for the cuts and the people need to take a stand against what services their councils are choosing to cut back on, because the councils have a choice on what to cut or close; The hours a Library opens or the amount a Social Inclusion Officer for one legged skateboarders is paid, some nice floral display in the town centre or a hot meal for a pensioner, that’s our elected officials choice, we just have to live with and in it. Well we don’t we could take a stand and have a sit in at our Council Offices and protest against their bloated overpaid bureaucracy, just like the people have done in branches of Barclays Bank when they found out Barclay’s had paid more out in bonuses to staff than they paid to the Government in corporation tax! Politicians both Local and Governmental, and bankers….THEY’RE ALL THE FUCKING SAME! Just out to protect their interests, their power and their wealth no matter what the cost to us….The People! Who aren’t the same. It’s our differences that make it easy for them to control us and buy us off. How can a divided society ever be a big society?

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