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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Sky's The Limit

So the News Of The World phone hacking/taping story refuses to go away. I don’t care about the celebrities that court the press then condemn it in the same breath; they’re happy for the public to know what they want them to know, but not when it’s not what they want. It would also appear that some politicians have had their phones hacked into. I dunno what these people think, after all we are living in a Surveillance society where the cops go undercover in protest groups, our movements are tracked by CCTV, is it any wonder that spying on people has started to become so normalised that journalists have used it as a means to get stories to sell papers? Another story broke this week;
The SkySports sexist debacle, off screen comments showed a couple of over paid football pundits; Andy Gray and Richard Keys engaging in sexist banter, At first I thought hang on a minute they weren’t being sexist, just misguided and misogynistic, then I thought…. what if it had been about the colour of a persons skin, or their sexual orientation? It’s an unacceptable view and prehistoric attitude towards women, mind you isn’t that what Rupert Murdoch’s Empire does best; providing a distorted world view, that uses sex to sell. The fact that the comments weren’t actually broadcast live has led to some people thinking it was an invasion of the presenters privacy, well as we’ve seen there is no privacy in Murdoch’s glorious tabloid high definition world.
I’m hoping that both these stories will have some baring over Murdoch’s attempt to gain total control over BSkyB, (his News Corporation already owns The News Of The World and Sky Sports) and therefore have an unprecedented media monopoly, but I’m not sure they will, the politicians are keeping very quite over it all, there’s probably a load more dirt on them stored on a journalists hard drive somewhere, and let’s face it they also know who has the real power to influence the mass’s minds, it aint them and their manifestos, it’s the media and how it interprets and portrays the political parties, lest we forget Murdoch’s claim that it was The Sun That Won it! And lest we forget the changing alliances, between the papers and politicians.
People like Murdoch usually get their own way no matter what the cost, I mean the first Police investigation into the News Of The World phone hacking ’scandal’ was pretty poor. Everything is up for sale! Murdoch has enough power, he’s just being greedy Andy Gray and Richard Keys, just a couple of pawns in a bigger game, and in the same week, the BBC announces its gonna be cutting back on its World Service, mind you only to be expected with Murdoch’s Satellite empire beaming live and direct to the four corners of the world.

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It's a **** thing said...

While not condoning the actions of the two I can't help but think that what they had said was mild in comparison to some of the sexist rubbish spouted by the panel of "Loose Women".
Yet their verbal diarrhoea is celebrated as entertaining chat from emancipated ladies.