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Saturday, 26 February 2011

SINGLED OUT: Nikki Sudden / The Godfathers / The Derellas

No music with this post, just 3 short reviews of recent singles released by some NPW faves. I say singles, but they aint really singles, well not like I remember singles being, they’re single downloads, and it’s just not the same as buying vinyl or CD, there’s no real product to hold in yer hands, no cover or case, just the music. Quick and convenient maybe, but also sterile and clinical, which is something that can’t be said for the three tracks:
NIKKI SUDDEN - I Know You is a Rocking little foot taper taken from Playing With Fire; a carefully selected compilation of completely unreleased songs recorded for Nikki's last two studio albums "Treasure Island" & "The truth doesn't matter " which is available from Easy Action Records. THE DERELLAS - She Kissed The Gun is action-packed and inspired by the downfall of legendary producer Phil Spector, it spits out classic 77 guitars like The Clash meeting The Ramones.
THE GODFATHERS - Back Into The Future finds the band as rawkuss and angry as they ever were; “What’s the problem? I’ll tell you the problem / You’re slaves to money and it don’t mean nothing”


planckzoo said...

Thanks for the review Nuzz. Here is a link to a in studio Godfathers set
from Saint Louis.

Unknown said...

Hi Nuzz , thanks for the Review, "SHE KISSED THE GUN " is avalible on 7" red vinyl with "BABY BABY" The Vibrators classic on the AA side . send me address on myspace and i will send you a copy , cheers Timmy DeRella x

MJG196 said...

Hey Nuzz, I am in 100% agreement with you about downloads! Check out some people on YouTube...there is a growing vinyl community posting videos about their thoughts/collections/purchases. Gobacktogo (now known as dhanycz) has some really good ones.

Made me run to ePay and grab a few vinyl slabs!