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Sunday, 16 June 2013

CHELSEA - Faster, Cheaper and Better Looking (The U.S CD Bonus Tracks)

No special reason for this post, other than I've rediscovered the album and have been listening to it quite a bit recently, it's a corker! Released in 2005, twelve tracks of no nonsense Rock'n'Roll with something to say. It's up there with Evacuate, Original Sinners and their debut as one of my favourite Chelsea albums. Faster Cheaper and Better Looking was recorded by part of what some consider to have been the 'classic' Chelsea line up of Gene October, James Stevenson and Chris Bashford, unfortunately Dave Martin and Geoff Myles were unable to take part., Bass playing duties were taken over by Tony Barber. Anyway....for some reason the Captain Oi release (The one I've been listening to) doesn't include the two tracks Mr Ferry’s Son, which is an unprovoked but legitimate and well deserved attack on the odious Otis Ferry, son of Poxy Music's Brian Ferry and supporter of bloodsports and all things upper class. Home is a cover of Iggy Pops 1990 single. So for anyone else missing these tracks....here ya go!


bat29 said...

Thanks for these tracks. I love this album but I don't have these songs and didn't even know they existed. Am waiting for that next Chelsea album.

Longy said...

Nice one Nuzz. Same as bat,didn't know they existed. Now here is thee criminally overlooked band of the punk era. Fortunately not by all of us! One band I shall be definately making an effort to seeing at Rebellion.