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Sunday, 30 June 2013


Fracking.... sounds like some bizarre and deviant sexual act or behaviour, which in a way it is; the raping of mother earth. Fracking involves drilling and blasting into the ground to release deposits of shale gas that cut across the United Kingdom.

Start the scare and fuel the fear. Media reports of black outs in the future as electricity runs out and has to be rationed, scares the public into believing that 'shale gas' is the solution to the problem, then more media reports to discredit the dissenters who think that drilling for shale gas will create environmental problems. Whose truth do you trust?

As the richest deposits of shale are 'up North' there could a danger, probably not in my life time that the North/South divide will literally widen as the country is cut in half through having been blasted and drilled into, which has caused geological shifts in the rock formations. When test drilling was carried out near Blackpool a couple of years ago, there were earth tremors, there is also the possibility that the chemicals used in fracking could leak into the water table and contaminate it.
Eco-warriors are accused of scaring people with their fears that fracking will damage the environment. Well some ones gotta take responsibility for our earth, cos in the hands of governments and big business it's just a resource to be exploited for profit at any cost, without any thought for the future.

Government backing of fracking stinks of a money making venture for UKplc, a bit like North Sea oil was in the 70's, which should have secured our energy resources for many years, but UKplc couldn't manage North Sea Oil properly, if they had then we wouldn't have to rely on imports for our energy today. At every turn in the debate over our energy resources and how to maintain and secure them someone will benefit, whether it's eco companies making money out of turbines and solar panels or energy firms profiting from other energy sources.

I say support every community that stands up against the fracking of our land, no matter where you live. There are other ways of producing energy, without having to reek environmental damage to the country, Wind farms cause a lot less harm to the countryside it's a visual thing that can be seen through; 21st Century windmills, the same with solar panels, they both might look unsightly, but they are solutions with no real impact on the environment other than what peoples perception of them is. There are other solutions; Cut the cost of the product, cut the profits of the bosses, unfortunately it seems impossible to cut the usage as society is addicted and slaves to machines and gadgets that need powering up and re-charging. Even though energy prices are high, people don't seem to value the energy they use. By using less energy we will conserve resources, but that means a fundamental shift in thinking about how and what we consume, and not only the carbon footprint it makes but the energy it takes to produce it. Perhaps we are reaching a time where progress needs to slow down and we need to go backwards in order to go forwards, either that or carry on as we are.

Something's gotta change; otherwise we are gonna be fucked and there shale be nothing for future generations to inherit. 

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convertido said...

I live in Fort Worth, Texas, USA where they have been fracking for about 10 years. I understand people's unease with the process but we have no water contamination, our air is no worse off than before, and we do not have Earth quakes from fracking. Fear motivates people to protest fracking, not facts. If done properly and used wisely shale gas can help restore a nation's economy, the local economy, provide jobs, fund schools, more fuel efficient public transport, provide cleaner energy, and bridge the gap between fossil fuels and renewable energy such as wind and solar. No energy is perfect, wind farms kills thousands of birds every year. Just my thoughts.