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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Trouble Is The Day.

It's coming down....fast. At times it seems like we are living in a state of perpetual war. Forces have been converging for several years now. Citizens across Europe and the Middle East have been taking to the streets, tearing up the pavements; looking for the beach and throwing concrete at the police

Struggles for democracy in the Middle East and conflicts with capitalism continue in the West, a divided world united in protest against the powers that be where ever they may be.
The unseen forces have been at work for many a year now, dividing people in countries across the globe and creating social instability. Out of their disorder they will create a New World Order.

Clouds of tear gas from Turkey and Greece drift across Europe as the US Government prepares to arm the rebels in Syria, as a response to the Assad regime having used chemical weapons against its own people, there are also reports that 'rebel' forces have also being using chemical weapons, but this has not been verified. There is no unified opposition to President Assad, just numerous factions of fighters from the moderates to the extremists, all with different objectives but their aim is the same.....power and control over the Syrian people. By supplying 'military aid' to the rebels the USA is just giving weapons to the very people it declared war against....the terrorists.

No real change then, as the US supplied the Taliban when they were fighting the Russians in Afghanistan during the 1980's, the bad guys can be the good guys when it suits. This could be another of those moments. I've heard reports that Iran is going to send troops to fight alongside President Assad’s forces, so with the West backing the rebels they could get to for the price of one Syria and Iran, even though another Western nemesis Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has been replaced as Iranian president by a 'moderate' in recent elections.

In a world where not everything is Black and White, but 50 shades of grey....we are all getting fucked!

The Western nations mission to democratise the world is futile, they can't even maintain democracy in their own countries.

Conflicts are being played out live and direct on Global New channels. The actors are real, events have not been changed but they may have been manipulated. Do the pictures need to be verified?

Where's Tony Blair the Middle East peace envoy? Shouldn't he be sorting this out? No....why should he, it was him and George Bush that declared the war on terror. The cultural and military imperialist war machine they started keeps on moving, Blair, Bush and the rest of 'em are quite happy to watch as it passes by. Wars cost money, wars make money and money makes the world go round. Global citizens are just collateral damage in their pursuit for a New World Order.

The Bildenburg Group met recently it's a group made up of around 150 of the most powerful and influential economic and political figures from Europe and North America, they meet every year and discuss global issues i.e their future plans for one world government, everything they talk about is kept secret. nothing is transparent These are the people that are running the show. The forthcoming G8 summit is another meeting of the wealthy, this time the richest eight nations, they are meeting in Northern Island this year to discuss/debate and resolve issues such as food and health. David Cameron wants to talk about 'tax avoidance' What ever is decided at the G8 Summit will already have been agreed by the Bildenberg Group, so what ever decisions are taken over tax payments to countries could be the start of a new global currency to be spent by the New World Government when it elects itself in a few years time.

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