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Sunday, 23 June 2013

"You've got to know who the enemy is!"

I only buy the New Musical Express once in a while now, and when I do I remember why I don't buy it every week.... because it's shit, which is sad, because it used to be a good read years ago. The present editorial team and readership may still think it is, but trust me it aint. Page after page of adverts interrupted by interviews/reviews of insipid incestuous interbred musicians, like minded losers only playing it for the deal and a career in the music industry. The next big thing in the pages of the NME. The enemy? Don't make me laugh, it's part of the establishment masquerading as being alternative, an alternative to what? The 'crappy chart music' replaced by crappy independent music that says nothing and does nothing and goes nowhere. The clock is ticking.... 15 minutes, 14 minutes......2 minutes, 1 minute....Times Up! About the same length of time it took me to read last weeks edition before I threw it away.... A disposable paper full of disposable bands in a disposable world where the only passion is for the fashion.

1 comment:

Angus said...

I think I bought it once since I gave up in the,maybe,mid '80's...an issue with Kurt Cobain's favourite records...it's got nothing to do with the old NME...same as what happened to Kerrang,which used to be a heavy metal magazine...modern life is rubbish and cheap...