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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

THE LURKERS - Live @ The 100 Club, London 1982

Whenever Punk Rocks history is revisited and re-written. The Lurkers are one of the most criminally ignored and overlooked bands from the class of 1977, why???? I ain’t got a clue.  Possibly something to do with their “lack of fashion” which in my book makes them more Punk Rock than those who shopped at Sex, Boy and Acme Attractions. The Lurkers were outsiders in a scene for outsiders they were always in the shadow of bands like The Clash, The Pistols and The Damned. There was no pretence or pretensions, no grand political statements, just some good old honest Rock'n'Roll. After some classic singles and a couple of great albums the band split in 1980, but came back from the dark in 1982 with a different vocalist and a batch of killer new songs like; Frankenstein Again, This Dirty Town, Heroin (It's All Over) all of which are on this live recording from The 100 Club in 1982, along with some of the old classics; I'm On Heat, Shadow and Ain’t Got a Clue. Enjoy!
Respect to bat29 @ Noise AddictionII Blogspot for the original recording.  


bat29 said...

I love the Lurkers! In 1978 I bought their Shadows/Love Story single. Never having heard them before I didn't know what to expect but it was so good I wore the grooves off that record in a very short time. It's still my favorite.

Kostas said...

GREAT band ! Thanx !

Longy said...

They were the very first punk band I ever saw back in Feb 1978 so they were always very special to me. They were never in the Shadow,Shadow,Shadow,Shadow,Shadow,Shadow,Shadow of anyone in my book!

Leigh Heggarty said...

Nice one Nuzz -I was at this show (I clearly remember Pete Stride saying 'I'm On Heat once again' before the last song) and it was a great night. If I remember rightly Special Duties supported,,? The Lurkers were brilliant -the 'Marc Fincham on vocals' line-up is often overlooked but there were some fine songs written around this time. Great stuff.