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Wednesday, 30 April 2008


There’s nothing like social justice and under New Labour there’s nothing like social justice! Gordon Brown needs to take his moral compass from out of his arse in order to find some direction, which should be out of the door. Never mind Blair’s Banker Lord Levy dishing the dirt on Brown, he wasn’t so much stabbing him in the back, as shovelling mud on him in the shallow grave that Brown has dug for himself, with his inability to handle anything more than his penis. Missing data, missing immigrants, prisons overflowing, credit crisis, rising crime (don’t let the figures fool you , cos the only reason reported crime has gone down is because no-one is reporting it because they have no faith in the police and the justice system) Then there’s the 10p Tax Rate fuck up, Brown decided on this cut when he was the ‘prudent chancellor’ now he’s got to deal with it as the ‘impotent Prime Minister’ and just how prudent was it to allow the banks to get themselves into such a financial mess that he has to bail them out with tax payers money. When a countries leader starts to go back on their decisions, no matter how wrong they are, it aint good. Thatcher and Blair were bad!, but at least they stood by what they believed in, no matter how wrong they may have been, that’s why Brown aint gonna be long in the job, he’s a spineless, limp wristed excuse for a leader who has shown the masses that he is weak. The scary thing is that he is at the helm of the good ship S.S Great Britain and it’s sailing in choppy global economic and political waters with obstacles everywhere and if Brown couldn’t see the Northern Rock fiasco coming then I have little faith in him seeing anything else on the horizon. Shape up or ship out Gordon, cos I’m sure there’ll be a few warning shots coming across the bows in the Local Elections on May 1st. If something don’t change soon we’re gonna hit an almighty iceberg and it won’t be women and children first.


Anonymous said...

It’s a strange one. I mean you would have thought that Brown would have been the ultimate ‘Safe pair of hands’ wouldn’t you?
Really weird how it’s all gone tits up for him. Although looking back down the retrospectoscope the signs for a bumpy ride were there. All that banging on about ‘Prudence’ but at the same time the economy growing like there was no tomorrow and people spending like crazy, all on the back of their house prices.
Something had to give.

I saw Brown on a PPB last night on TV. He just has no charisma or people skills whatsoever and just appears totally awkward whenever he has to interact with ordinary Joe Public.

Marky Dread said...

What Brown failed to mention was Prudence was only the nme of his housekeeper.

Unknown said...

thnx for post in ustedville.!!



gomonkeygo said...

Well, the one positive I can garner is that the US isn't the only country with ineffectual leadership. Maybe it's our turn, eh?