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Monday, 28 April 2008

So it’s been a year since the McCann’s rather irresponsibly and foolishly lost their daughter Madeline. Now we’ve got the TV documentary, and there was/is talk of a book and a film. For fucks sake, what next, a musical? with a spin off reality show hosted by Andrew Lloyd Webber called A Search For Maddie, or maybe a Playstation game were you have to eat as much food as you can, while going back from the restaurant to the apartment to check she’s still in bed, then if you’re too slow getting back and she aint there, you have to secure as much money and publicity as you can before you start searching for her, obviously the more you get of both the more chance you have of finding her, or do you? Personally I think a board game would be good, cos I’m certainly bored with it all and wish the parents would get lost.


Anonymous said...

The whole thing is now verging on the surreal.
Clearly the various initiatives they are launching are borne out of a desperation to find their daughter, but at the same time they seem to be losing all credibility and a degree of dignity along the way.....And what of Robert Murat? A mans life destroyed just because some English hack journo didn’t like the look of him.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the Maddy girl is stuck in a celler in Austria?
Fuck me that is a proper nightmare is it not?

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

No pengy don't, shouldn't laugh but I did, but yeah that Fritzl family business, a bit fucked up to say the least, well said anon, some people..

Chris Ripple said...

Can't wait for the musical...
Thoroughly Missing Maddie, probably starring Julie Andrews...
or is that gonna be the Hollywood remake ?

Austria... home of the Fritzl's, Kurt Waldheim and Adolf Hitler.
Remind me not to take a holiday there.