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Wednesday, 9 April 2008


While the press vilify Amy Winehouse and Pete Doherty for being ‘junkie rockstars’ and Gordon Brown changes his mind about the re-classification of cannabis Doctors are prescribing anti-psychotic and anti depressants to children as young as six! These aren’t kids who’ve smoked too much skunk and are suffering cannabis psychosis, these are children who’ve been labelled with ’behavioural problems’ there’s a whole debate there about whether they’re just naughty kids who’ve been brought up on a diet of food additives and the only way to control them is through a ‘chemical cosh’ rather than a clip round the ear and no more Big Macs. I digress from the point that there is a hypocritical view of drugs depending on their definition; Legal or illegal, i.e. whether they are administered by The State or The Individual. It’s fine for the state to control the mood and mind of the individual, but wrong for the individual to make that choice themselves. Either way the end result is the same; people are numbed from whatever pain they are suffering. We are told that illegal drugs are bad , millions have been spent on Campaigns to discourage children from taking them. Just Say No FRANK, but the state is happy to dope up young people on a variety of pills, that often haven’t been licensed for use on children. The harmful side effects of drugs are overlooked by drug companies such as Glaxo in the pursuit of profit, just like the dealer on the estate who doesn’t give a shit what his pills and powder are cut with. The reality is that illegal and legal mind/mood altering drugs can kill in certain cases, don’t just listen to the grieving family whose child has overdosed on heroin, listen to the parents of children who’ve committed suicide after being prescribed Seroxat. So who are the better role models? The Politicians and Doctors who sanction and perscribe the use of drugs on children or Pete Doherty? I know who I’d lock up!


Anonymous said...

You make some good points Nuzz.
On balance though, I’d still lock up Pete Doherty. I’m just sick of the twat.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Lock him up the smackheaded/crackheaded prick. Imagine how many kids he has infuenced into drug-taking already.

Hope his picking up the soap in showers as I type and squealing for his mummy.

katwoman said...

I agree with you 100% on this Nuzz Also, think of all those chemicals going into the water when people piss them out!

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Ha, Ha, Ha, poor old Pete, he always causes a reaction, cheers anons, and on a more serious note indeed katwoman.

Highlander said...

I'm not gonna defend Doherty, like anon #1 I, too, am sick of the twat.

I am gonna applaud the rest of the post though - fucking literary brilliance! Drugging kids for ADHD or some other made up "disorder" and then wondering why they hit the bottle/weed when they are old enough and giving them a further kicking for that. Its because thats what they are used to - having the pain/boredom numbed ffs.