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Saturday, 12 April 2008

The NF has been removed ! Well the graffiti on the wall near me I was talking about a while back has. If only it was so easy to rub out the BNP. Local council elections are coming up on May 1st, and due to voter apathy in certain areas, it is possible that the BNP may gain some seats on local councils. So I would urge people to use their ’democratic right’, for what it’s worth and if there’s a BNP candidate in your area make sure you vote for someone else in order to scrub out their chances of victory, pass the word on to others as well, cos lets face it with all the issues around immigration and politicians not listening to the public, for some people the BNP are the answer. No politicians should be trusted, especially not those in a party that in an attempt to maximise their votes and gain seats on the London Assembly are allegedly shedding their anti-semetic past and targeting Jewish voters by highlighting the cultural differences between Jews and Muslims.??!! what a Bunch of Nasty Parasites living on peoples ignorance and fear to promote their own perverse ideology. Place yer cross wisely and show ’em they have No Future in our green and pleasant land.


Marky Dread said...

Not a very good disguise.
Counting on jewish votes and pretending not to be anti-semetic in order to create some sad anti-muslim stance, this shower of scum will stoop to anything,I was thinking of not voting this time round because i'm sick of the bullshit we take term after term from our politicians but you've just reminded me of the importance of my vote and I would vote for anyone or anything if it keeps these lowlife's out...respect Nuzz cheers

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Top man marky, keep on spreading the word.