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Saturday, 17 July 2010

Didn’t think Raoul Moat would stay buried for long, in the media, but this is gonna be the last time I’m gonna go on about the whole sad and sorry saga. Facebook tribute pages, T Shirts, all deemed offensive, but non stop SkyTV coverage was acceptable, and I’m sure no-one will complain about any TV dramas, documentaries that will undoubtedly appear on our screens in the future. The police, well from start to finish everything they did or didn’t do is questionable. Tasaring someone in the poring rain aint gonna be the best idea; water and electric don’t mix well, and as for the tasar they used well….not one of their conventional ones, never used before….The there are the stories about Moaty asking for psychiatric help, let down? Still not really an excuse, I mean he did kill one person and injure two others.
PM Cameron condemning the face book page; telling people how to feel and what they should think, nearly 30,000 people, a small percentage who’d been brainwashed by the whole mass media event, signed up to a face book page proclaiming Raoul a legend. I’m pretty sure that’s because he made the police look stupid, and some people have a lack of respect for the forces of law and order after being needlessly stopped and searched, wrongly accused etc. Still with Raoul Moat dead the police have saved the taxpayer some money by not having to support him in prison for however many years he’d have got if he was taken alive.
Police stop and search powers under anti-terror laws are gonna be curtailed, yet there’s talk of banning the burkha in public, or 'covering ones face' as is being reported, probably because it sounds less inflammatory, makes it worse if you ask me; the police already have the power to ask protestors to remove balaclavas if they’re wearing them on demos and protests.
If people wanna cover their faces on religious or rebellious grounds, let ‘em. I don’t find it offensive if people wanna dedicate tributes to killers and wear tasteless t-shirts let ‘em, because I find it more sick, offensive and obscene that Wayne Rooney is getting a £40,000 A WEEK! Pay rise, when some people are having their pay frozen or cut. I wonder if there’s a face book page called Wayne Rooney is a money grabbing c**t! one last thing, No! I’m not gonna end it with a joke about shots on target during the world cup, I’m gonna get my eyes back on the ball wherever and however it bounces.

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