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Thursday, 8 July 2010


Moody, broody Rock’n’Roll. Like a punk’d up Rolling Stones. The London Cowboys were one of the most underrated bands ever. The band centred round Steve Dior and Barry Jones, who first met in 1973. During the Punk Years of 1977 they played together in a band; The Quickspurts, that featured Chrissie Hynde and Keith Levene in the line up, but went nowhere. Barry also helped run the Roxy Club and designed it’s flyers and posters. In 1978 they teamed up with Jerry Nolan and Arthur Kane in The Idols, when Sid Vicious hit New York for his Sid Sings fiasco, The Idols backed him up, and held it together for him. The Idols folded in 1979, a couple of years passed until Jones and Dior strutted their stuff again this time they were The London Cowboys, Bass playing and Drum duties were carried out by Glen Matlock and Jerry Nolan, although Tony James (Generation X) and Terry Chimes (The Clash) supplied the rhythm on The Cowboys 1983 debut album, (a lost classic) Animal Pleasure, from which the Hook Line and Sinker b/w Saigon single is taken from. Street Full Of Soul is a Glen Matlock tune and the single was produced by him as well, the b-side Lets Get Crazy is a full blown rocker, a nice contrast to the sleazy strut of Street Full Of Soul. For lovers of The Lords Of The New Church, Hanoi, Thunders etc. Get ’em here and here. LETS GET CRAZY!
Disclaimer: I’ve had to use digital versions of all the tracks, cos when I ripped my vinyl versions they sounded shite, far to crackled and scratched but I really wanted to post summat by these guys. I’ve also got a really great bootleg, but I can’t remember who I got it from, so I don’t like to post it without crediting the source. It might have been a top fella by the name of Pipeline, or was it King Rocker Marky Dread, I dunno….also one more thing. The Animal Pleasure album and its follow up Tall In The Saddle with Mike Monroe from Hanoi Rocks on Sax can be found with the Midnight Rambler over at Sons Of The Dolls blog, which is well worth visiting.


Longy said...

Cheers for these Nuzz. Its been a long time since I've heard this band.

Cy at Pck said...

I d/l Do it Dog Style....looking for Cranked Up Really High....hey ho let's go....
Thanks for posting this and keeping the spirit alive...I've b/m'd you...and will read more.....nothing costs nothing...yet everything else costs dear?

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Anonymous said...

cool post, many thanks!