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Friday, 2 July 2010

Unite in Unison!

It’s easy to Crow about the workers “Never being on their knees”, aint it Bob, when yer earning £100,000 a year! He’s not the only one either, between them all they’ve got as much of an idea about the real world as messrs Cameron, Clegg and all the rest of the C’s that reside on millionaires row.
We don’t need no leaders telling us what to do. Those at the top who claim to represent the people only represent themselves as they play their part in the power game. The Workers are just pawns in this game, ready to be sacrificed whenever the time is right. It’s a no win situation; do nothing and workers lose their jobs, do something and they still lose their jobs; show me a coal miner, steel worker etc. It’s better to die fighting….too right, but for who? them or us. We are the people! Fuck their organized strike action, lets have some real disorder.
Let’s tell ‘em whose jobs should be on the line, and it aint those on the front line, it’s those jobs upstairs, in the offices. The managers, pen pushers, the auditors, all the non jobs, they’re the ones, all those jobs created to manage the New Labour machine. Where were the Unions, when this was going down? Complicit, compliant and conspirators in it all; helping to build a New Working Class that has ultimately played a part in the present ‘economic crisis’ by living above its means, now’s the time for them to pay some of the price.


Longy said...

I see these cunts have already started cutting housing benefit for the low income/unemployed/sick/disabled person down my way for no apparent reason. They'll be plenty more homeless people here soon.

Chris Ripple said...

Wasn't it Arthur Scargill who showed everybody the way forward...
Start with a big union and a small house and end up with a miniscule union and a very large house ?
Cynical ? Moi ? Surely not ?

Dunno about the homeless where you are, Longy, but we've got 'em down here.
Most of them are economic migrants from the E.U. and they're living in the woods around the town after being evicted for not paying their rent...
Of course one argument that nobody can now escape from, is why the fuck are we paying for them when our own people are suffering cuts ?
Maybe some wooly headed Liberal from Brussels could give an honest answer, but don't hold your breath ?