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Sunday, 18 July 2010

Who the fuck are....FLATS ?

Here’s another band for yer, plucked from the pages of the NME, the New Music ???? sounds much the same as the ‘old music’ just in a different time’n’place, not that this is always a bad thing. FLATS are a point in fact.
Initially attracted to the band by seeing the singer was wearing a Crass T-Shirt and then checking out their Myspace page where Mucky Pup, a tune done by a band called Puncture, and later covered by The Exploited playing on their media player. The 43 seconds that is their song Flats Waltz slaps and slams me back to my younger days in 1980-83 and the sound of bands like Crass, The Insane, Chaos UK, Subhumans etc. I wonder why NME picked up on a band like Flats, cos they don’t sound like yer usual NME band, personally I’d have wished they’d picked up on a band called Armies Of Anger a few years ago. How authentic Flats are depends on what they’ve got to say. I’m hoping their single will come in a fold open sleeve with some lyrical statement of intent and some old skool collages. I’m gonna leave my final words to one of my favourite anarcho punk bands from the 80’s, Zounds, (one of the members of Flats has been pictured wearing one of their T-Shirts.) “There’s a new band every week / A new way to move your feet / A new sound, but in the end it’s a new way to make you spend” God Damn that capitalist system, it sucks you in ….Flats debut 5 track 7”single is due out on 2nd August, it’s a limited edition of 500, hopefully now 499 as I’ve ordered one, so get in there quick if you fancy some retrolutionary punk rock.


Chris Ripple said...

Zounds are playing at 'Rhythms of the World Festival' next Saturday. I believe we've got their only Summer Festie date and I was so chuffed when they said yes, so here's to 'em... A lovely bunch of chaps.

Longy said...

That track reminds me of Disorder.

If you like your Zounds lads get over to Dime


There's two recent gigs from last month on there (flac format with band photos n all)