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Saturday, 24 July 2010

Yet more untitled ramblings....

Thatcher said there was no such thing as society, John Major wanted a return to warm beer and cricket, and now Cameron is looking for a Big Society, well talk about stating the obvious, British society is the largest it’s ever been, population wise and structurally. What is it that the LibCon coalition are looking for? Well they’re looking for the people to take control of their communities i.e. Schools, hospitals etc and giving them a better say in how these services are run, sounds like a government doing things on the cheap because the last lot spent all the money on themselves and war. On one hand there’s no more new school building and money has been taken away from repairs to existing schools. On the other, there’s the idea of parents, communities and private partners building their own schools, it wont be long before parents etc start repairing the old ones. In a slight of hand the government passes on financial and management responsibility to individuals, or empowerment as they like to call it.
Competition or co-operation, or can they coexist in an individualised world some people will be unable to de-centre themselves, or have the ability to think altruistically or charitably
I can see big divisions happening in their big vision, with the people who’ve not bought into it being denied access to services in the big society, I’ve intentionally omitted the word Public, because they’ll be services only available to some of the public.
Do they owe us a living? Of course they fucking do! Especially in areas such as housing and health care, otherwise what are or have peoples taxes been used for? If people are paying into the state, then the state should provide something other than security in return. I say security, but try telling that to Raoul Moats victims, or the mother of James Bulger, or the family of Ian Tomlinson. The states security has let them down, as it has for every victim of crime, and then there’s the families of the dead and injured soldiers….who’s war are they fighting in?
Has anyone stopped and asked the people what they want? other than money, cos that’s what it's all about in their big free market capitalist society, and It’s not enough!

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