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Saturday, 24 July 2010

THE VIBRATORS - Live @ 100 Club 1977

Live recordings of The Vibrators, other then officially released ones seem rather hard to find, so imagine my delight when I came across this little beauty on eBay, and including postage it was cheaper than a packet of ten cheapo fags! The quality is well reasonable, a short set that clocks in at half an hour, but includes all the classics, but omits a few. I’ve not come across the picture, with Knox in a rather fetching but some might say unfashionable jumper before, (It comes from a two page spread on Punk Bands in a Fab 208 annual from 1979 that I got from a boot sale for 20p) but hey The Vibrators were never a fashionable band, and have flown in the face of fashion for the last 30+ years, jumpers off to ’em, and that’s why I love ‘em, plus Knox writes a great song. Check out some Pure Mania here! Well it was gonna be there, until….
While writing this post and uploading the music to media fire I was listening to it again and suddenly thought, hang on I’ve heard this before, but with far better sound quality. I riffled through my ’brators CD’s and found it, a copy of The Boys / The Vibrators BBC In concert disc, and sure enough my eBay bargain turns out to be not a copy unless it’s a 50th generation one, of the very same Vibrators show, it’s also missing a few numbers, but ….doesn’t cut the Whips and Furs/I Need A Slave and Feel Alright/Into The Future into separate tracks, so I dunno if it’s from a tape someone made of the original Radio broadcast or what, but here it is anyway! I might get in touch with the seller to find out the source, but I dunno if I can be arsed.

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Longy said...

There can never be enough Vibrators stuff on the internet so you won't see me complaining. Top work Nuzz as ever.